Integrative NanoBioMEMS Loaoratory ̿⽺ տ
[Winning award] Oral Presentation Award from 4th Graduate Assistant Student Symp [2014-04-18]
[Winning award] Outstanding Poster Award from 1st Korea Graphene Symposium 2014 [2014-04-15]
Welcome for the new undergraduate researchers of spring 2014 [2014-03-26]
[Paper accepted] Biotechnology and Biosystem Engineering [2014-03-18]
[Winning award] Sincere Thanks for the Active Role as Editorial Board Member of [2014-03-05]
[Winning award] KAIST'S Top 10 R&D Accomplishments of 2013 [2014-02-20]
[Winning award] The 2014 Selection of Excellent Faculty in commemoration of the [2014-02-15]
[Paper accepted] Electrophoresis [2014-02-09]
Welcome for the new students of spring 2014 [2014-01-23]